On October 12, 2020, the Board authorized re-opening the HRF Clubhouse subject to State occupancy limitations due to COVID-19. The Board also amended the HRF Rules and Regulations to require a non-refundable sanitization fee for all House Rentals. A PDF version of the current HRF Rules & Regulations, including the sanitization fee(s), can be located online by visiting www.huntwickwater.com/recreation-facilities/join-hrf/

Effective October 14, 2020, the HRF Clubhouse is available for rentals only. All renters and their guests are expected to follow the current social distancing guidelines and limit number of guests to 75% of Clubhouse occupancy: up to 38 persons in the Formal room, and up to 75 persons in the Informal room. Renters are still required to clean up and remove all trash after their respective events. Sanitization of the Clubhouse will be scheduled immediately after each event.  Patron access to the Clubhouse is restricted to scheduled events only.