The District provides water and sewer service to 935 connections.

The District operates a water supply plant that includes two 400,000 gallon ground water tanks, five distribution pumps, two water wells, and a connection to receive water from the North Harris County Regional Water Authority.  A 250,000 gallon elevated water tank provides water pressure in the event of a short power outage.  Emergency diesel drives are used to continue water service during longer interruptions in power.  The District has interconnect agreements with 3 surrounding Districts to supply or receive water in an emergency.

The District water mains are generally in the street right-of-way.  A tap to that line carries water to the water meter located in the front or side yard.  The District is responsible for maintenance of the water main, tap, and water meter.  The customer is responsible for all water lines beyond the meter.

The sanitary sewer lines are generally along the back property line.  However, some business and residential customers have their connection in the front of the property.  The sewage flows to a 1.3 million gallon per day capacity Wastewater Treatment Plant managed by the District.  The plant serves this District and Heatherloch Municpal Utility District.  The districts share in all expenses related to the operation and maintenance of the facility.