HC WCID 116, the “District”, has a sanitary sewer collection system comprised of approximately 43,160 feet of gravity sewer piping ranging in size from 8 inches to 24 inches in diameter and close to 350 manholes. The system is designed to collect wastewater from residents and commercial entities and transport it to the wastewater treatment plant. The majority of this system was constructed of reinforced concrete and clay pipe in the 1970s. Concrete pipe can experience aggressive deterioration from the corrosive environment created by the sewer gases. Several years ago, the District developed a phased approach to complete the needed rehabilitation to the system and to ensure it will continue to operate reliably. The District has performed investigations and repairs on a portion of the system, but a substantial amount remains.

Currently, the District is starting work on the next phase of rehabilitation which will occur in Huntwick Sections 9 and 10 which is highlighted on the attached map. The work involves televising various sanitary sewer lines and making necessary repairs to the system using a method called “Cured-In-Place Pipe” or CIPP. There will also be repairs to various manholes located throughout the District. Please be aware that the equipment used to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer lines generates noise and the potential for odor/smoke. During this process the sewer line is temporarily blocked so that a new liner can be installed within the existing line. This process usually takes a few hours, after which service is returned to normal. Every attempt is made to complete the work efficiently and with as little impact on the community as possible.

A contract has been signed with a company with many years of experience in this type of work – Texas Pride Utilities, LLC. This Contractor will be working throughout the neighborhood starting in June 7th and will work until the end of November 2020. Affected residents will be given prior notice if there is to be any interruption of service to their home. If your home is not directly affected by the work, please be aware that there still may be equipment adjacent to or near your house during the project. On the day of any work, signs reminding residents of the construction will be placed in the areas affected.